Alice Heller was a five year old girl from Dexler, Pennsylvania who was also the victim of contractor/child-murderer and pedophile Fred Watkins.




Alice Heller's photo. From the Season 2 episode, "Hawks and Handsaws".

Alice was a five year old girl who lived in the small town of Dexler, Pennsylvania and also the young daughter of Mrs. Heller.

Two years prior to the events in Hawks and Handsaws, Alice was kidnapped by Watkins with Alice presumably dying a short time after her abduction although how Watkins killed her was never revealed

An investigation was opened into Alice's disappearance but due to any lack of evidence and also Watkins's dismissal due to the local cops not having read Watkins his rights at the time of his arrest, the case went cold.

At some point, Joe Gibson, a lawyer who had represented Watkins began investigating the case.

Without a Trace Season 2Edit

Two years later, Gibson's own mysterious disappearance prompted the Missing Persons Unit of the FBI branch of New York to be called in.

Over the course of the investigation, Agent Martin Fitzgerald uncovered the case with his superior Jack Malone realizing that Watkins may have been the killer all along.

Gibson was eventually discovered while Watkins was finally arrested, attempting to dispose of Alice Heller's badly decayed remains and also presumably of Sophie Holtzman herself.

In addition, Sophie who Joe had kidnapped was rescued and brought back to her mother while Mrs. Heller was devastated to learn of her own daughter's murder.