Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor, né Alvarez
FBI Agent
Field Agent
Missing Persons Unit
Elena Delgado - Wife

Sophie Delgado - Stepdaughter
Mario Alvarez - Father
Rafi Alvarez - Brother
Nicky Alvarez - Nephew
Sylvia Marquez - Sister in law

Isabel Delgado - Mother in law
Portrayed By
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Danny Taylor is a FBI Agent who works under the order of Jack Malone . He is Hispanic American, originally named Danny Alvarez. His parents were killed in a car accident when Danny was 11, he was also in the car but was the only to survive. He blamed himself for the accident because he had an argument with his father and Mario lost the control of the car because he wanted hit his son. After this Danny had some problems and when he was teen he began to become alcoholic and drug addict. He respects Jack, and is very loyal to him. They have a father/son relationship. His childhood's best friend, Carlos Aguilar, was with Elena Delgado and had a daughter with her, Sophie, but when the couple broke up Carlos became mad and Danny began to take the defense of Elena and Sophie. He later married Elena.

Danny has an older brother Rafi , who protected him from their father's abuse. Rafi became a drug addict and small time criminal and was sentenced to prison. Danny refuse to have contact with him until Rafi's wife, Sylvia and their son Nicky come to see Danny for he talk to the judge about their childhood. He initially refuse but later accepted after a talk with his nephew.